Teeth Whitening ImageAging can take a toll not just on your face and body but on our smiles as well. Over time you may notice that your pearly whites just aren’t that white anymore. This can be disappointing for those who do have impeccable oral hygiene. However, yellowing teeth doesn’t have to be a burden. You can easily remove stains and revive your smile with teeth whitening. Say yes to teeth whitening in Louisville and you’ll be glad you did!

What can cause dental stains?

While we can’t change the aging factor there are some dietary changes we can make to ensure that our smiles stay bright. Remove these top stain-producing foods and drinks from your diet and you’ll notice a significant difference over time:
  • Wine
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Dark sodas
  • Sports drinks
  • Berries
  • Dark sauces and condiments (e.g. ketchup)
When should I consider professional teeth whitening?
If you notice yellowing, professional teeth whitening can easily and effectively remove these stains. Most patients only need one treatment to see the results they want. If you have stains due to trauma or antibiotic use, you may find that teeth whitening just won’t be enough. In this case, you may want to talk to us about getting veneers for covering those more severe stains.
Also, consider teeth whitening if over-the-counter whitening products aren’t doing the trick. If you’re looking for visibly whiter results in half the time, professional teeth whitening is the way to go.

What should I expect during my teeth whitening in Louisville?

The process is simple. We will apply a strong bleaching agent to your teeth and then shine a laser beam on your smile to activate the bleach. Each session takes about 15 minutes, after which we will remove the gel, reapply it and reactivate it. We will perform about three 15-minute sessions during your visit.

How long will results last? Can I have more than one whitening treatment?

You will notice your whiter smile after one treatment. Some patients maintain their results for up to two years. However, if you notice that your smile is beginning to fade after a few months, we can repeat treatment.

What can I do to make my smile last?

After you get teeth whitening in Louisville you’ll want to do everything possible to maintain your whiter smile. This means removing those stain-producing foods and beverages that we mentioned above. Also, rinse with water after eating or drinking and use a straw to prevent stains when drinking certain beverages.

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